General Building

Our Company has specialized in construction of different types of Building Structures and Civil Works Construction. From Low-rise Residential establishments to Commercial Building Facilities. We also specialize in Design and Construction of wide variety of Exterior Designing and upgrades, renovation of government buildings, commercial spaces, showrooms, business centers, restaurants, supermarkets and others. We are fully equipped to ensure delivery of HIGH quality standards of works guarantee.

Architectural & Design

While anyone can lay out a floor plan, a professional designer’s emphasis is always on functionality and improved work process to maximized productivity and profits for project owners. We also make sure all designs implemented are yours alone and always render in 3D Concepts for visual.

3D Concept to Implementation/Post Construction

As Designer’s we translate our clients need and criteria accordingly with the effective budget and cost management. A PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE from schematic design studies to detailed plans of the project will be applied. It is also qualified to perform PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION SERVICES. We have a team of Architects, Engineers, Skilled Professionals and CAD Operators who are capable efficiently that responds to the most critical requirements of the projects.

Space Planning / Site

Simply thinking of new ways to create a stress free working environment can make a big difference in our lives. Whether you are establishing a new home, a corporate office, a retail shop, or a commercial facility, our space options is always to consider, leading to an ideal design that you envision or desired that is cost effective.

Steel Fabrication and Metal Works

We specialized in Steel Fabrications, supplies and installations of such as fencing, gates, and steel trusses and frame cads for Warehouses, Bean Silo’s, Boiler’s. We also design, fabricate and installations of radio communication steel towers, pole mast antennas, and satellites discs set up’s.

Plumbing Works

Our company has the complete capability to perform quality plumbing, water proofing and sanitary (sewer) works.

Electrical & Mechanical Works

Services, Supplies & Installations of ACSON, CHIGO, LG, & MIDEA brands. Electrical services from Domestic, Commercial to Industrial installations.

Masonry Works

We provide services within the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Civil and Residential sectors of Papua New Guinea, for both Public Organizations and Private Clients.


AD Engineering participates in safety surveys. We take site safety very seriously, and our accident frequency and severity rates for the ten year and one year periods are well below the average for contractors of the same size doing similar work. A safety director is on staff supervising a comprehensive, management-supported safety program. We are committed to an ongoing, ambitious safety program, involving job meetings, staff inspections, and educational programs for supervisory personnel and strict adherence to government standards.

We have also initiated a safety program designed to educate employees of work site hazards, how to plan activities with the least amount of risk, and how to demand the same of all our subcontractors.

The job site Project Manager has the responsibility and training to implement the program on the job site. Manager resolves any avoidance claim and work on the owner’s behalf for a satisfactory resolution.


Because of the growing demand on industrial commodities which are not available locally, we ventured to integrate our business in the supply of essential industrial components, parts and equipment to cater the mining industries in the country. We established our own resourceful procuring arm in the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Taiwan and Singapore to hasten procurement every time the need arises, typical of which are the sourcing of which are the sourcing of equivalents and substitute between the American and British Standards. We are a partner and product distributor of GLADSTONE COMMERCIAL (Philippines), MIX TELEMATICS (Masters Systems PNG), SEA (ITALY) Gate Automation Products and GEONICA SA (Spain) Earth Sciences Equipment here in the Pacific Region.


To obtain reasonable assurance to prospective customers, we are manifesting some important accounting practices vital for the betterment and continuous success of the business.


Revenue and Cost Recognition

Revenues from construction contracts are recognized using the percentage of completion method of accounting measured principally on the basis of the estimated completion of the physical proportion of the contract work. Contracts to be manage, supervise or coordinate the construction activities of others are recognized only to the extent of the contracted fee. Revenues from management services rendered are recognized when the services are performed and billed.

Contract costs principally include direct labor, cost of materials, overhead and subcontracted costs related to contract performance. Expected losses on contracts are recognized immediately when it is probable that the contract cost will exceed the total contract revenues. The amount of such loss is determined irrespective of whether or not work has commenced on the contract; the stage of completion of contract activity; or the amount of profits expected to arise on other contracts which are not treated as a single construction contract. Changes in contract performance, contract margins are recognized in the year in which the changes are determined. Profit incentives are recognized as revenues when their realization is reasonably assured.

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